Go Wisely

This is a new play about Police Brutality. A two-hander with Bayo Gbadmosi (I See You, Mad About The Boy) and Associate Artist, Amy Marchant (Shakespeare In Love, Filter’s Twelfth Night). After a 5 day workshop in August they are now working together with Harry Jardine to create a full length play.

They came out of nowhere
I was just walking home
One of them held my arms
I was forced to the ground
I couldn’t get away
I hadn’t done anything wrong



Quandary is the story of Aleshia, a young woman studying Psychology at university. Her boyfriend, Marlon, is still very much tied up in the gang culture they both grew up in and struggles with Aleshia’s ever-growing independence and ambition. Aleshia starts working with Owen – an 18 year old autistic boy – for some specialised experience. This complete clash of cultures is difficult for Aleshia and puts a huge strain on her relationship with Marlon. Will this be the making of them? Or is this the beginning of very sticky end?

Harry Jardine directed the workshop with 4 actors: Joe Blakemore (Owen), Michael Balogun (Marlon), Ronké Adekoluejo (Aleshia) and Wendy Jardine (Owen’s Mum, Christina). They spent a couple of weeks delving deep in to the minds of the characters and, through a series of improvisations, created a full length play that they are extremely proud of.